Peculiar Songs

Band ohne Bass Schulz
Photograph by Heiko Schulz (c) 2023

Founded in April 2016, the Luebeck based project Band ohne Bass Schulz (meaning "band without a bass") has consistently been producing little pieces of art. The master-mind behind the songs is Heiko Schulz whose self-composed songs explore the possibilities of combining  pop-music, jazz, and Latin-American rhythms while still being deeply rooted in a singer-songwriter tradition. 

The German lyrics usually deal with small incidents of interpersonal relationships, strange personal value-systems , and, not to speak of it, love - although some of the songs are infamous for the unromantic treatment of this subject. Listening, one will hear samba melodies, swing numbers, funky songs, and pop-ballads, mostly presented with a little self-ironic grin, since the music should invite to dance as well as to contemplate. Over the years many collaborations have developed. Explicitly musicians like Katja Krüger (bassoon and flute), Tim Trombone (trombone), Stefan Mau (saxophones and flute), Kseniia Kombarova (flute), and last but not least Mimi Wohlleben (drums and percussion)  have added to the intircate arrangements and colourful sound of the BoB Schulz Project. By now,  two full-length albums ("Teufel & Engel" 2020; "Versprechen" 2017) and four singles ("Tausend Mal " 2018; "Josephine" 2019, "Das Klima" 2019, and "Pause" 2021) have been published. The next single "Hoffnung" will appear on 31st March, 2023.

Tausend Mal -2018

This video was produced as no-budget-video prior to our single release of "Tausend Mal". It is featuring founding member Stefan Mau (band member 2016-2019) on flute.