Heiko Schulz

Musician - composer - Lyricist

Band ohne Bass Schulz
Photograph by Heiko Schulz (c) 2023

Heiko "Bob" Schulz (born 1968) is a Lübeck based musician, composer, and lyricist. At the moment he is involved in four projects of which the main one is the "Lena Inter Jazz Projekt". Here professional singer Lena Inter presents her selction of pieces from the Great American Songbook, modern jazz standards that appear in her unique interpretation as charming as can be. In this quartett Lena is supported by her three gentlemen: Andreas Kandler on keyboards, Jörn Starke on his upright bass and Bob Schulz on saxophone.

The second project is called "Band ohne Bass Schulz", which, due to the corona pandemic, degenerated from a live perfoming trio to a mere recording project only. It is the platform Heikos German texted songs, which proof his love for the singer-songwriter sujet.

The newest side of his musical activities is shown by "Funkphase". Over the years Heiko composed quite a few instrumental numbers that have been performed live quite often, but never made it into the recording studio. Now he managed to record a few of them to be shared on all known streaming platforms.

Finally one can find his earliest works under the name "Ike Major". Songs with English lyrics, highly influenced by singer-songwriters like Harvey Andrews, Bob Dylan and his German idol Reinhard Mey, although one might detect a little bit of Santana in form of the hornsection "The Radical Minority".

Lena inter Jazz Projekt

Charmingly presented modern jazz standards by the marvolous Lena Inter and her three gentlemen: Andreas Kandler on key, Jörn Starcke on upright bass and Heiko "Bob" Schulz on alto sax.

Band ohne Bass Schulz

This video was produced as no-budget-video prior to our single release of "Tausend Mal". It is featuring founding member Stefan Mau (band member 2016-2019) on flute.

Instrumental compositions

This video represents Heikos instrumental compositions. The Lübeck based jazz-rock formation "Ruby Blue" recorded the song "Attempt No. 2", a collaboration with Rüdiger Wiseman.